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New article on Augmented Reality Marketing (ARM) in the Australasian Marketing Journal

Recent advances in Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have led to a growing interest in their application for marketing strategy and practice – what we term Augmented Reality Marketing (ARM). However, despite emerging publications on the subject, managers and academics struggle to articulate how ARM delivers experiences that are valuable to customers in a way that is different from other marketing approaches. In this article, we review the emerging literature, and define ARM as a customer-facing interface for the application of digital marketing technologies in physical settings.

Rooted in a class of ‘situated cognition’ theories from social psychology, we identify a unique set of digital affordances which ARM offers beyond extant marketing approaches in traditional media. By drawing on the key conceptual building blocks of situated cognition theory, we develop a framework of ARM experiences to synthesize current research and applications, and to suggest directions for future research.

We are delighted to announce that in our recent paper called 'Augmented reality marketing: A technology-enabled approach to situated customer experience' published in the Australasian Marketing Journal.

A great project across time zones, together with Mathew Chylinski, Jonas Heller, Tim Hilken, Debbie Keeling, Dominik Mahr, and Ko De Ruyter!

Check out the paper here: Link to the manuscript


Chylinski, M., Heller, J., Hilken, T., Keeling, D. I., Mahr, D., & de Ruyter, K. (2020). Augmented reality marketing: A technology-enabled approach to situated customer experience. Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ).


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