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Transforming the Retail Frontline Through Augmenting Customer Mental Imagery Ability

We are delighted to announce that a paper by Jonas Heller, Mathew Chylinski, Ko de Ruyter, Dominik Mahr, and Debbie Keeling has been accepted for publication in the Journal Retailing.

In the paper, we are drawing on mental imagery theory and develop a conceptual framework to reflect how AR emulates customer’s cognitive processes offloading those to the AR technology. Consequently, the AR-enabled frontline improves decision comfort, motivates positive word-of-mouth and facilitates choice of higher value products. The underlying mechanism is a sequential mediation via improved processing fluency and decision comfort. The findings also demonstrate boundary conditions of customers’ visual processing styles and product contextuality. We discuss implications for theory and practice of AR-enabled frontline retailing.

The paper is available here


Heller, J., Chylinski, M., de Ruyter, K., Mahr, D., & Keeling, D. I. (2019). Let me imagine that for you: Transforming the retail frontline through augmenting customer mental imagery ability. Journal of Retailing, 95(2), 94-114.

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